(Video Interview)

with Mike Golic
by Mark Bercik
at the Super Bowl
Week Festivities

Mike Golic
ESPN NFL Analyst
former NFL player
(Notre Dame)

...and a parent of
"2 sons" who got 
football scholarships)


Jason Bay,
New York Mets
All-Star Outfielder

(Gonzaga College, WA)



Boom Boom

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini
World Championship Boxer

(...and a parent of a High School Athlete)

"This book will hit you
harder than a
Muhammad Ali jab
or a
Joe Frazier left hook"


Jenny Finch

Jennie Finch,
Olympic Gold Medalist 
Softball Pitcher
(Univ. of Arizona)

...with Mark Bercik
after a Chicago Bandits
pro softball game




Cliff Lee,
Philadelphia Phillies
All-Star Pitcher
(Univ. of Arkansas)

(2008 Cy Young Award Winner)




C.C. Sabathia,
New York Yankees
All-Star Pitcher

(2007 Cy Young Award Winner)




Howie Schwab

Howie Schwab,
ESPN Sports Trivia
Expert from
"Stump the Schwab"
with Mark Bercik
at the "NFL Draft"in New York City, NY


(Video Interview)

ESPN's Howie Schwab,
from the ESPN Sports
Trivia show called
"Stump the Schwab"
promotes the...

"Sports Scholarship Guide"
by Mark Bercik

Michael Zordich
Philadelphia Eagles
Coach and former player
(Penn State)

...and a parent of "2 sons" who got a football scholarship)

"If you're serious
about sports scholarships,
then the High School Athlete
and their parents,
should really read this book"




Troy Polamalu (R)
Pittsburgh Steelers Safety with
Mark Bercik (L) the author
of the
"Sports Scholarship Guide"
at a Charity Basketball event


(Video Interview)

Troy Polamalu,
Pittsburgh Steelers
All-Pro Safety

  Mark Bercik,
the author of the
"Sports Scholarship Guide"
Troy Polamalu at a
charity basketball game



Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard,
Olympic Gold Medalist 
(Univ. of Arizona)

with Mark Bercik at
the ESPN-the-Weekend
in Orlando, Florida




Mike Lapper

Mike Lapper (R)
Former Pro Soccer Player
Member of the
U.S. Olympic and World Cup Teams

with Mark Bercik at
the Columbus Crew 
Youth Soccer Camp in Ohio


Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale,
ESPN College
Basketball Analyst
with Mark Bercik
at the "Final Four"
in Indianapolis, IN


Athletic Recruiting & College Scholarship Guide Book




By Mark Bercik
A former professional and NCAA Division I
athlete, coach, and scout
For Athletes, Parents and Coaches
of All Sports

The high-school athlete’s guide to earning college scholarships
and preparing for playing college and pro sports


Attention all student athletes:

"You should read the 'Sports Scholarship Guide'
so that you can prepare for college and get your education whether you receive an athletic scholarship or not."

Mike Stoops,
Head Football Coach, (University of Arizona)

Former All-American Defensive Back,
University of Iowa

Mike Stoops


Real-life experiences & advice for high school athletes
from 100's of Professional, Collegiate, and Olympic
Athletes Coaches and Scouts
who've been through the athletic recruiting & scholarship process themselves!!


Great Information for parents and student athletes of all sports (ages 8-18) on. . .

Sports Camps
Athletic Recruiting
College Scholarships
Financial Aid
Recruiting Services
Professional Sports

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Mark Bercik, the author of the "Sports Scholarship Guide" pictured below      
with some current professional athletes who he's helped out during
their high school sports careers who went on to get
athletic scholarships before playing pro ball..

Justin Byler

Justin Byler
(Pittsburgh Pirates 1B)
with Mark Bercik (R)
after a minor league
baseball game
Bradley Fletcher

Bradley Fletcher
(St. Louis Rams DB)
with Mark Bercik (L)
after a H.S. basketball

tournament game
Kiki Willis

Kiki Willis
(D.C. United pro soccer)
with Mark Bercik (R)
after a H.S. State
Championship game

"The SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP GUIDE will certainly be helpful to young athletes and parents.

It is refreshing to see how Mark Bercik and all the people associated are giving something back to the game for the kids!"

Joe Carbone,

Head Baseball Coach
, (Ohio University)

Joe Carbone


“I kept the America’s Complete SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP GUIDE
on my desk to show all of the recruits who came into my office.”

Jim Tressel,
Indianapolis Colts Asst. Coach

Former Head football coach,
The Ohio State University

“2002 National Champions”


Photo provided by The Ohio State
Department of Athletics


You only get one chance to get an athletic scholarship!!!

"My advice to student-athletes and their parents is to learn as much as you can about how the recruiting process works before it's too late to do anything about it."

"You need to read this book if earning an athletic scholarship and playing at the next level is your goal!"

Mike Barnett
(former Univ. of Tennessee) head baseball coach

Major League Hitting Coach,

Kansas City Royals, Boston Red Sox,
and The Toronto Blue Jays


This is the only SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP GUIDE that has interviews with
professional and collegiate athletes, coaches, and scouts...

...who give up-front advice
on high-school, collegiate, and professional sports
to help both the student-athletes and their parents/guardians



1.) Thoroughly understand the recruiting process that leads to athletic scholarships and/or financial aid,


2.) Prepare the young athletes for life in college sports if the student-athlete does play sports in college
or receive an athletic scholarship.





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... to view some
great information and advice from numerous
Pro, College and Olympic Athletes, Coaches and Scouts
for High School athletes of all the sports

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The "Facebook Sports Site" has 100's of
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tressel bo pelini

kirk herbstreit

Mark Bercik
, (Sports Scholarship Consultant) with
Jim Tressel
(L) (Ohio State Football Coach)
"Bo" Pelini
(R) (Univ of Nebraska Football Coach) at a bocce fundraising social
for Cardinal Mooney H.S.
in Youngstown, Ohio. (2009)

Mark Bercik
with Kirk Herbstreit,(L) (ESPN Analyst)
"College Football Gameday"
at a
bocce fundraising social
for Cardinal Mooney H.S.
in Youngstown, Ohio. (2009)


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There are "20 VIDEO INTERVIEWS"...of Pro Athletes and Coaches,

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High School and College Athletes

who want to play College or Pro Sports Someday...


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"My Sports Contacts" website for High School and College Athletes
as well as their Parents and Coaches

...and a

"Do It Yourself" Scholarship Marketing Kit
that includes Personal Consulting Services
with Mark Bercik






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